The Production Testing Supervisor is responsible for most Tara Energy Services’ specific operations on customer locations. Supervisors will have full knowledge of regulatory guidelines, assist crewmembers where necessary and report to the operations team daily. The supervisor will promote safe operations while on site or in base locations and be familiar with all types of equipment and the processes associated with well test applications. The supervisor will help organize personnel and equipment to complete job assignments. They demonstrate proficiency with all job-related paperwork and provide guidance and training to less experienced personnel.


The Supervisor reporting directly to the Senior Supervisor on the pad, or to the Operations Manager and is responsible and accountable (24/7) for the performance of the operators and shift supervisors assigned to them. This individual will be responsible for job preparation and execution as assigned by the Operations Manager.

  • Actively participates in the organization’s HSE and QA/QC programs;
  • Assists in the organization of personnel to complete job assignments;
  • Ensures successful completion of assigned jobs from start to finish;
  • Ensures safe work practices through proper delegation of job duties and adherence to company and safety policies and safe work practices;
  • Motivates personnel to provide the best service possible to Tara Energy Services’ customers;
  • Communicates with assigned personnel to build a positive attitude toward their work and the company;
  • Mentors and trains operators and other less experienced supervisors on testing related tasks and corporate policies and procedures;
  • Works with and through other supervisors to improve job performance;
  • Always maintains test equipment to ensure operational readiness;
  • Performs preventative and routine maintenance on equipment;
  • Performs routine maintenance on vehicles and helps keep them clean and professional in appearance, and ready for use;
  • Learns and follows all government, industry and company laws, regulations and policies which affect the work;
  • Recommends design changes and improvements to testing equipment to ensure operational excellence;
  • Communicates with client OSR to ensure successful job completion;
  • Follows all safe work procedures and maintains a clean work environment;
  • Presents reliable data to the client for their evaluation;
  • Promotes the service of Tara Energy Services through the execution of consistently high-quality service;
  • Ensures all rentals items, including sample cylinders are returned to suppliers;
  • Ensures safe transportation of crew personnel from base or other determined location to job site and return;
  • Complete and submit at least one Hazard Identification form per week while on location;
  • Communicates with sales staff on possible future work.


  • H2S, First Aid, Common Safety Orientation, Out-of-Jurisdiction First Aid
  • Drivers’ License (current)
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to lift heavy weight in a variety of weather conditions
  • Able to take clear direction and ask questions
  • Work well alone and as part of a team
  • Safety conscious
  • 3+ years of testing experience
  • Attention to personal hygiene and adherence to punctuality


The next level up from this position is Sr. Supervisor. In order to achieve Sr. Supervisor status, candidates will need to have completed the following:

  • SSE program complete
  • Items 1-30 of Skills Required in the TARA Educational Training Guide
  • Items 31-69 of Skills Required in the TARA Educational Training Guide
  • SafetySync completed to minimum of 96%
  • Level One self-study program with successful completion of L1 test
  • Level Two self-study program with successful completion of L2 test
  • Level Three self-study program with successful completion of L3 test
  • 16 completed job evaluations in current role from field superintendents or senior management
  • 1+ years’ experience with TARA Energy Services
  • Must present an image of professionalism and cleanliness with proper PPE
  • Must have zero PPE or safety violations for 12 or more consecutive months
  • 8 hours minimum leadership training course
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • Hazard Management Training
  • Participation in Joint Health and Safety Committee Meeting (minimum once per year)
  • Completion of a minimum of 2 employee evaluations per work rotation

In accordance with the Model for Providing a Safe Workplace Ver 6.0, as referenced in TARA Energy Services Inc. Standard 19.0 – Fit for Duty, this position has been designated as safety sensitive.

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