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TARA Energy Services provides mobile infrastructure equipment which allows producers to generate the immediate take away for the cash flow that is necessary for todays project economics. TARA provides a complete line of flow back production testing services for some of the largest oil and gas projects in North America with a work force of approximately 600 highly trained technicians, gathering comprehensive data on fluid separation, gas analysis and flow rates with superior equipment to handle highly abrasive fracturing and large well pad flowback. TARA has an industry leading safety track record with flawless field execution.  Videos



Specializing in oil and gas rental equipment for the management of early production facilities in unmanned large multi-well pad flowback applications, manufactured in-house to the highest of standards and certified at top International levels. We have implemented game changing build requirements to improve on our best in class environmental and safety track record. We have taken environmental standards to the highest level by adding gas diffusers on inlets, weir plates and outlets to decrease greenhouse emissions. TARA also provides consulting, field service and maintenance programs. TARA programs are stress free comprehensive services to rely on with production service specialists on call 24/7.

TARA Energy Services, TARA Oilfield, Oil & Gas Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Design & Engineering, SAGD


TARA provides design consulting, engineering and fabrication services for oil and gas infrastructure, mining, water waste, alternative energy, structural and transportation. We feature 4 service locations and manufacturing headquarters consisting of 5 main fabrication bays, a combined space of over 50,000 square feet of inside fabrication space, 78 tons of indoor lift capacity and over 4,000 square feet of indoor blast and paint bays, 6 acres of yard space complete with heavy hauling, hot shot and mobile crane services. Pressure fabrication certifications and safety records are documented with Complyworks, ISNetworld, COR and Avetta.