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Apega Certified

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Production Testing Services

Indigenous Relations & Joint Venture Partnerships

TARA Energy Services works closely in JV Partnership with Alexander First Nation and Blueberry River First Nations.

Production Testing Services

Our early production facilities are optimized for integration and automation, making your reporting easier.

Surface Well Testing

We design, build, and maintain a large and scalable surface well testing fleet up to the highest standards of the industry.

Certified Equipment Servicing & Quality Management

We conduct and control all Quality Management in-house with certified professionals.


Our engineers work across North America with technical drawings, safety documents, and new technology implementation.

Equipment Rentals

Whatever it takes to get your job done right, we can build, customize, and supply the equipment you need.


Welcome to TARA Energy Services

Supporting some of the largest oil and gas producers in the business, we offer a variety of rental, and operations services to sites across North America. With our large fleet of equipment, built and maintained to exacting standards, we are proud to be a crucial part of the energy landscape and a trusted partner on hundreds of field teams.



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Our people are proud to work at an innovative and forward-facing company – and there’s always room to grow.

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