A Focus on Sustainability

The strength of our economy and communities starts with a commitment to sustainable operations.



Safety and Compliance

The safety of everyone involved with our operations is TARA’s No. 1 priority. Our Executive Initiatives focus on life-saving rules that are designed to enhance the culture and processes of occupational safety among all employees. To this end, we employ an Employee Intranet platform that is structured around HSE compliance and offers rewards and educational opportunities, empowering all of our team to recognize potential risks and proactively mitigate them together.


Driving Responsible Progress

At TARA, our mission is to pave the way for Green Completions through channels of technology and strategic partnerships as we build the roadmap to achieving Net Zero Emissions. 

Our emphasis on sustainability and quality control at every level of our operations makes it possible for our customers to drastically reduce emissions, improve wellsite safety, reduce risks, and exceed regulatory requirements.



Contributing to our Communities

We firmly believe that the communities in which we operate should be better because we are there. So, we are proudly committed to improving not just the products and services we offer, but all aspects of the wider communities where we live and work – always focusing on making a positive impact, and being accountable for all our social responsibilities.

It is also a priority at our organization to understand and respect the cultures and needs of the local Indigenous peoples with whom we interact. Their voices are valued, heard, and carefully considered at every step, because we believe that forming strong relationships and partnerships is the key to mutual success.

We maintain open lines of communication to discuss our shared interest and offer solutions that increase social and economic benefits for everyone involved.

To ensure we continue to deliver on our social responsibilities, we have a longstanding partnership with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, which focuses on furthering the promotion of Indigenous businesses, enhancing local procurement, and providing support within these communities.

“We strongly believe that TARA must participate in and support the communities in which we operate, not just as an obligation but also as an opportunity to learn and grow as a company.”


Proudly TARA

As a homegrown Canadian company, TARA continues to grow our presence throughout the Central and Western regions of the country while being an integral member of many local communities. Grande Prairie continues to play a valuable role in our operations and we make it our priority to support and give back. TARA has partnered with Evergreen Park to provide the TARA Centre, which operates as one of the main facilities for a large majority of the major community and fundraising events in the area. Be sure to stay connected for upcoming events and opportunities at the TARA Centre.

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