TARA Safety and Employee Training

We prioritize safe operations and a culture of constant learning for new safety skills.

Safety Overview

Putting Safety on the Record

At TARA, we take safety seriously. It is our highest priority, and we go to great lengths to ensure all of our employees and partners are well-equipped to do their jobs properly.

All operator cabin exteriors have visual beacon alarm systems, designed to keep personnel safe before they enter the work area. These beacons alert nearby workers of unexpected hazards, including hydrogen sulfide gas or low explosion levels. Other safety specifications are present to monitor High Pressure/High Volume shutdown, which is attached to an indicator beacon, and the ESD system.

Our pressure vessels and piping are manufactured to ASME, ANSI, and API code certification, and all pressure vessels are SCADA-ready, with various options and for different applications, operating conditions, green completion benchmarks, and safety standards. To minimize environmental concerns, the manifold and debris catcher have containment systems to eliminate spills and our Integral Metering Systems monitor H2S and LEL exposure.

Safety Certificates

Equipment Overview

Equipment Designed for On-Site Safety

Our in-house equipment is manufactured to the highest of the internationally recognized safety standards set by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) and the BC Safety Authority. TARA is also registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and ASME U-Stamp certified for oil and gas production testing flowback services.

All vessels have dual ABB-compatible digital meters with recording chart records for backup on the gas side. For fluids, we use fluid totalizers combined with either 2” or 3” actuated fluid dump valves in conjunction with liquid level controllers.



Taking Responsibility for Doing Things Right

Our training culture begins as soon as a potential employee walks through the door. The interview is followed by a third party fit for duty test which includes a rigorous physical exam and a hearing test. Following the testing results, TARA employees are provided access to a WorkHub portal for training and development that has over 126 courses including indigenous awareness training, WHMIS, TDG, and wilderness and wildlife awareness training. Certain Core Workhub courses must be completed within 3 days. From there, we begin internal learning, training, and HSE/SSE orientation, capped off with time in the shop where hands-on experience maintaining equipment is gained. Once these skills have been proven, the employee is matched with a mentor to begin work in the field and build their competency.

Short Service Employee (SSE) training is provided upon joining TARA, and is conducted through field learning and assessments. Field operators completely learn 30 specific skills laid out in the TARA Educational Training Guidebook, and TARA provides internal training requirements and education guided programs which include three levels of progression. Through it all, employees are tracked and tested through written examinations and management competencies levels. This thorough training and guidance helps ensure everyone understands all aspects of field operations, and that there is no miscommunication on what is expected on and off the site.


Transparent Operations to Keep Everyone Safe

Inspections by Supervisors, Field Superintendents, Management, and HSE compliance workers are regularly scheduled on our sites. This ensures all industry, client, and organizational standards, policies and procedures are being followed and considered. We firmly believe that preventing incidents is far more effective than fixing them afterwards.

Our safety records and compliance forms are documented with ComplyWorks, ISNetworld, Avetta, DISA, and TPS.

We are COR certified, with ABSA and ANSI certification on our tank equipment. 

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