About TARA Energy Services

We proudly help companies face new economic challenges to help them produce sustainable profits.



The TARA Story

TARA Energy Services was founded in 2013 with one vision: to offer producers first-in-class, complete custom equipment and field service solutions for even the most complex of challenges. We are proud to serve the largest oil and gas companies in North America – with our team of dedicated employees and the largest comprehensive high-pressure fleet in the industry, we continue to find innovative and efficient solutions that drive reliable production for our clients.


It All Starts With Safety

Safety is the top priority at TARA. From our short service employee (SSE) safety training, certifications and on-site standards to our risk and emissions elimination through inspections and advanced equipment, we help you lead the way towards greener, safer and overall, more responsible operations.


Building Strength Through Sustainability

The world is changing, and the energy industry needs to adapt to keep pace with that change. Environmentally sound solutions are crucial to the future of our industry and our planet. Throughout TARA’s operations, we work to balance the needs of people and our industry with the needs of our planet. At TARA, our mission is to pave the way for Green Completions through channels of technology and strategic partnerships as we build the roadmap to achieving Net Zero Emissions.


“Talking about the importance of ESG and responsible operations should be more than just a page on a website. It should be about a commitment to a more sustainable future and setting a higher standard for the way we as professionals operate. At TARA, we make a point to not just follow suit in this regard – we lead the charge.”


Committed to Our Communities

The way we see it, if we operate in a responsible manner today, we can make a difference for generations to come. We are proud to be an inclusive organization built on delivery and focused on our mission to consistently grow our social responsibility efforts throughout our communities. We are confident that with the right people, technology, and mindset, we can help create a thriving industry, nurture people, and preserve our planet without sacrificing progress or prosperity.


Our Teams

The TARA Team

We are proud to be a workplace full of new ideas, potential for growth, and endless opportunities. Though there are many of us, we all work as one, contributing to our partners’ success and delivering exceptional results on every project.

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