Oil & Gas Producers Achieve 99.8% Emissions Reduction with our Exclusive Carbon Capture Technology

TARA’s flareless flowback technology reduces methane emissions for well completions to net zero, saving marketable commodity and skyrocketing ROI for our clients.

CEO Scott Bissell Explains the Value Behind TARA's Exclusive Carbon Capture Technology

“Everyone speaks to Net Zero in 2050. TARA is doing it in 2022.”

North America's First Flareless Flowback System for Carbon Capture is your Fastest Route to Net Zero Emissions

Conventional Flowback is Outdated Technology for Well Completions Operations.

Conventional methods of well completions involve venting of methane gas through flaring, wasting commodity and releasing carbon emissions to atmosphere.

What makes TARA’s Flareless Flowback Carbon Capture System Different?

TARA has designed North America’s first comprehensive flareless flowback system, adding pressure vessels and a state-of-the-art compression system to capture all solution gas, negating the need for flaring.

TARA’s Flareless Flowback Technology Reduces Well Completions Emissions to Atmosphere by 99.8%.

Not only are GHG emissions reduced to atmosphere by 99.8% for your well completion operations, Flareless Flowback will also increase ROI by preserving marketable commodity and increasing Carbon Tax savings.

TARA can implement this Flareless Flowback technology for your company’s natural gas well completions operations right now, putting you on the fast track to net zero emissions long before the Federal Government deadline of 2050.

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Flareless Flowback Technology Increases your Operation's Net Yield of Saleable Commodity

Marketable commodity is preserved through TARA’s enhanced carbon capture technology by conserving flare gas. Increasing operations production yield while decreasing GHG emissions is a win for the environment and a win for operational efficiency.

Improve your ROI from Flareless Flowback Technology, from Reduced Equipment to Carbon Tax Savings.

By decreasing the equipment necessary to complete a well, we help optimize your spend on equipment and logistics while showing your increased commodity yield and maximizing your Carbon Tax savings.

“This technology is not just beautiful for the environment, it's also beautiful for our clients.”

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How does Flareless Flowback Work to Reduce GHG Emissions?

TARA’s innovative technology transforms the way well completions processes are executed, resulting in capturing and saving waste gas using never before seen compression processes.

Multi-Phase Flow Metering is Key to Saving Waste Gas and GHG Emissions.

Multi-phase flow metering is a technology developed exclusively by TARA Energy Services to completely eliminate the flare stack. When implemented, it replaces the standard gas separation and measurement process by measuring wells with a fraction of the number of required separators and utilization of co-mingle meters. This results in shorter testing periods encouraging the move to production phase for our client’s wells.

Our Goal is to Lower Equipment and Manpower Costs while Providing State-of-the-Art Testing and Data.

All well-testing data is provided online in real time for easy access by our clients and their engineering teams.

Multiphase Metering Tara Energy Services 9526 81 Ave, Clairmont Alberta Carbon Capture Technology

Potential Carbon Tax Savings for TARA Clients
(10 years beginning in 2022)

Ten Year Carbon Tax Savings Projections

This graph illustrates a ten year projection of Carbon Tax savings based on year over year CO2 emissions reductions as a result of implementing TARA’s Flareless Flowback carbon capture system in existing gas well completion operations.

Carbon Tax Credit numbers represent an increase year over year as mandated by the Canadian Federal Government starting in 2022. Resulting emissions reductions result in increased tax savings year over year.

Carbon Tax Savings Combined with the Increase in Production Yield Result in Enhanced ROI on Operations Investment.

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